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Guys, just do this okay

Meme: Give me a character or a pairing (or both) and I will tell you three tidbits of my personal headcanon for them.

DO IT DO IT. Mostly because I don't really have nothing substantial to add to this post. Sorry guys.
Happy holidays guys! Late, but in my defense I'd been cleaning and then partying and then wondering if my parents were going to remember their late-night worrying that I was dating my (girl)friend. Oh, Christmas. Only then can I be pulled to dance. have my dad tell me to "not disappoint him" by "lying", reassure him that yes, I like boys, and then go upstairs still smiling. The alcohol helped, I think. Oh, Christmas. It was still fun--I made coquito! Which is basically Puerto Rican eggnog, and it was only after the fact that I realized I made eggnog from scratch and I could have just bought it from the grocery store--I would have saved myself the headache, but whatever I was awesome. 

In any case, that particular tangent wasn't why I went to go make a post. Yep, this is a "I want to show off my shiny new picture" post. 

My friends got me a new tablet ;_; so I finished this. Sigh. I have the best friends. 

ella prometio darte todo pero

Title: ella prometio darte todo pero
Spoilers: Up to ep...5? If you've been watching since the beginning, you're good.
Summary: “Henry” she decides. Mr. Gold’s face is distant, somewhere else. “I’ve always loved the name.”
Notes: Gen, Regina. So I have one half of promised fic--well, okay. It's either more or less depending on where I'm going with it, but...sex. Essentially, I'm writing wall sex. There wasn't supposed to be much of anything, except it went somewhere around four in the morning, so. Here, have the second of two OUAT fics. (Not the sex one. I'm working on that. ...Sort of)

regina mills loves her sonCollapse )

In other, more TV-related news, I got Fringe season 1 for Christmas, because my grandpa has some of those prepaid gift cards that expire whenever so off to mall we went. Also, sometimes I wish I were a boy because damn, Forever 21 has some nice boy clothes. And I continue to be cautiously charmed by Cute Professor, whose doppelganger I just saw on Telefutura. 
We interrupt your generally scheduled radio-silence to bring you this:

I don't know what I love more--the gun or the loungingCollapse )
In other news, it appears that taking a nap for about half an hour (while somewhat re-watching Tierra de Lobos--I can't help it if I've seen the episode already and the couch was just so comfy...) makes any and all sleep impossible for the foreseeable future. I have to be up in 6 hours body, I'm going to need my sleep. 

Greetings, from another world

Hello LJ! It's been, a month, maybe more? (fic doesn't count) so, hi! Um. Yeah, there's really just been school (...lol.) Which, here. Have a cut. 
Whatever man, this is a totally boring personal post, isn't it. 

I can ramble freely about anything and everything! Cuts are awesomeCollapse )
lol this turned out to be like, 78% MORE TV. Can't be bothered etc etc. 

and she blinked, and the world was ash

Title: and she blinked, and the world was ash
Spoilers: All through to season 3, BUT MOSTLY THE FINALE. 
Summary: Post-finale, mostly feelings everywhere. 
Notes: Um, it's been 12 hours since I wrote this (this is true? I'm pretty sure it was 3 am, I remember complaining how I couldn't sleep anyway.) Uh, still hasn't gone away, so here we go, I guess. 

Still feelings everywhere.Collapse )

Look, I posted!

SOMEONE has been pushing me to post. Normally I wouldn't listen...but it's been a month. There are tumbleweeds. Dust. Etc, etc. HELLO, Livejournal! Uh, I've been busy this past month, doing el corre corre to try and get Uni things fixed (hint: I hate life) Plus there is that whole "babysitting my cousin for days that more or less drives me crazy and makes me want to never have children" thing so less and less internet time. BUT I come stealing niuxita21's WIP meme, cause I always love those.

Down under the cut, you know the drill.Collapse )

IN OTHER NEWS, Frankie's ex-girlfriend came back into town and Jane acts like she was her ex-girlfriend. You're just being the biggest bunch of cockteases, aren't you? Freaking Rizzoli and Isles. 

Mental note: Livejournal tags are not like Tumblr tags.
Blah blah blah, life, it's summer, I'm melting like ice cream, etc etc. On to more important things! Like arts--specifically, of the Myka/H.G variety. Yes, yes, I am a bit...obsessed. Hush. As I am a complete computer illiterate (Hoshi knows this, mocks me regularly for it) I can't really manage to put previews behind the cute so you could just..take it on good faith that the arts behind the cut are pretty? Well, they've also been posted on Tumblr already, so they're not exactly...new, either.

There are art related things under this cut--clearly, someone has far too much time on her handsCollapse )

Right, well, it's about 1:30, time to...draw some more. No sleep for this girl, nope.
Title: The not toothache inducing adventures of Myka and Helena at Hogwarts
Author: thedevilsheart 
Spoilers: Uh, it's an AU, but I guess through season 2? I mean it assumes you know who H.G is.
Pairings: Myka/HG
Summary: So okay, Professor Wells and Professor Bering would totally get along great if it were not for the fact that when they were at Hogwarts, they kicked each other’s asses in Quidditch regularly. Violently. Meeting at wand point was not actually an uncommon occurrence with the two, even after they started dating.
Notes: Ah, that dreaded Harry Potter crossover. I think there's like, a law of the internet that one must exist in some shape or form, I'm not entirely certain though. Basically, blame hoshinekoyasha  for this, and my brain for taking the original idea and running with it. And it's only half crack. I think. Not actually certain. Basically, it became a monster and yes, blame hoshi but also blame the Harry Potter fest that has been my tumblr dashboard for the past two weeks. Also, again, thank hoshi for the title--it's awesome, right?

Meeting at wandpoint isn't actually an unfamiliar experience for themCollapse )

Drive by post,

Brazil, you disappoint (SERIOUSLY), and Megan Rapinoe, you absolute BOSS. Abby Wambach--love love love. I love you.

Also, one more day till Warehouse! Dying.


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