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hola locos

greetings dudes, how your lives be? 

i figured i should post at least once and not just have it be a fanfic post cause wow franchesca rude. anyway, how goes life and stuff? i've mostly been doing school stuff (so: procrastinating in the form of fanart and the aforementioned fic) and...well mostly that. probably stressing over art club and how i really should be getting that painting done (hint: it's been drying for about a month). mostly i'm boring i guess? i mean classes aren't...exactly the hardest. i've been doodling older starks in american government for weeks and still manage to know most of the answers, SO. (i...yeah, i have no clue either tbh)

well i got a (~part time) job that's...really not part time so much as i'm a sub for citizenship classes when the regular dude flakes (which, let me tell you, is not a lot? i'm disappointed in a way). it's fun! i mean okay, the general apathy of some of the students (re: the united states) is...amusing and slightly depressing but at the very least i know i won't feel too guilty when they don't pass (pro-tip: if you don't do the work (the easy memorization work), you won't pass the citizenship exam. also stop looking down my shirt you are older than my father). in any case i enjoyed myself for a while but that's a window closed for now since their dude came back. sadsies for me :(

there's also tv stuff--wh13 finished it's midseason...ages ago (oh god the last time i updated here was july i haven't even talked about the beginning of season 4). in general, not as good as previous seasons but not really deserving the hate it gets? it was messy but it didn't suck too much--and re: hg, i get that we can't have her on like, all the time since she's a. not a main character and b. on a different show. in all honesty i didn't expect them to bring her back since they set it up for her to die perfectly, so. low expectations on that particular front. in general, bring me more leena pls. 

ouat is basically...making me giggle. well and rage at rumple but that wasn't news last season and is really really not news this season. mostly its making me want to punch the dudes and keep all the ladies in storybrooke away from them (except graham he can come back and make me love him). i am shipping ruby & belle way hardcore dudes, it's...honestly really ridiculous. anything that lets belle make awesome choices and away from gold's stupid...stupid-ness. (he's consistently chosen power over you okay and when you said you needed space he...followed you into the library) (plus, it's ruby)

basically, hi guys how are you? 
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