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summer heat in may makes me want to rip my hair out

the dogs don't like it either. delilah gave me the look that says you're fucking crazy if you think i'm going outside, and proceeded to sit her ass down and not move for the next, oh, half an hour, 

she's like that. 

pepino is less like that, more content to bark like an idiot at every passing leaf. he's stupidly cute, but annoying as hell. i don't know why i'm talking about my dogs but here,  have a picture of them.

so this is their default sleeping position. 

they're rather idiots this way. delilah is the golden retriever--easily noticed by the fact that she's napping, or as close as she can get--and pepino is the beagle, who's decided delilah is his pillow. 

yes, my grandma named him pepino, like cucumber.

they're, you know, idiots. the way dogs are, i guess? delilah's my baby and pepino's that annyoing...thing...i pretend i don't kind of love (he's too cute for his own good, what can i say) but then he decides that climbing in my bed at 4 in the morning is JUST the thing to do and i dislike him all over again. uh. yeah.

so i imagine this is the point where i talk about my life, yeah? i dunno, what can i say? i don't even know when the last time i made a proper update on here was? (quick check tells me it was march for a fic and feb for an actual personal thing. yikes)

okay so what has been going on since feb. ...i got nothing. um, switched schools (yay kean), got screwed over re: credit transfers (no but really, fuck you kean), went through a semester of alternately doing nothing and then doing a lot of work in a night. finals week is always fun because my mind is on hyperdrive so i'll either draw a lot or write a lot in order to not study. ...god, my brain is the best. 

honestly, not much HAS happened--school business, blah blah. oh, a couple of friends and i started an art club for our school since we're...sorely lacking one. well, we'll see how that goes. speaking of, my car broke down. (it makes tangential sense IN MY HEAD. also, i have a club thing tomorrow morning i was just reminded of, of which i'll require the use of a car to get to so...yes. makes sense) it's great. 

(i hate driving. i hate it so much)

i don't even drive much, it's...frankly ridiculous how much i hate it. not sure if its more or less than how much i hate this heat, but you know. its all relative and stuff. 

...god, i want to go to beach. peace out dudes, i'm boring. 

oh, so i went to hoboken yesterday. it was another on of those spur of the moment things my friends and i are oh so fond of making, but i got thai food out of it so this one is a win. plus, we played in the park at the waterfront like a bunch of kids (we weren't even the only ones so you can't judge us) and basically just goofed around. the skyline of new york is pretty.

it was not fun when a beatle decided that my leg was THE place to be, but you know. there was ~frolic~ and whatever. plus the thai food was delicious, did i mention that? 

in fandom things, i hear that jack kenny is looking to play up myka & pete. dude, i don't know what your fans ever did you, but this? not cool. basically the opposite of cool. i'll wait for the actual season to start to make judgements, but yeah dude. you are On Notice. 

well, there's that thing about how i'm going to ecuador for almost two months. july 3rd to august 19th, dudes. i'm going to miss warehouse 13! ...i'm having such flashbacks to my last trip to ecuador, where the only time i managed to get access to the internet was a stolen 15 minutes in a park in quito that managed to have an internet cafe...there. thank god my cousins require internet access at my grandma's house, but there's also the small matter of watching the olympics? this is going to be fun.

as a bonus, in ecauador (as with EVERYWHERE ELSE BUT THE GODDAMN UNITED STATES) i'll be able to (legally) drink. so there. 

(, this is going to turn out so well)

(ALSO, niu you should listen to bright lights and cityscapes by sara bareiles--it's like she wrote a song specifically for c&b, it's kind of ridiculous. also, it's just general good music. everyone should listen to sara b)

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