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Comment to this post, and I will list five things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

As asked by theagonyofblank,

1. I'd like to hear about your drawing: how you got into it (or if you've always liked drawing), etc. etc.

So me and drawing have been companions for the past--well, 18 years I guess (do you draw when you're 1? IDK). I've pretty much been drawing all my life, mostly doodles in my notebooks (a feat that lives on now--a look at my sociology notes is basically doodles with the occasional note about some theorist or other. I am an awesome student), but a friend of mine got me into manga around...oh, sixth grade or so, and I fell down a deep black hole of manga(/anime) that I love and hate in equal amounts. Realism is hard, you know? And if you have a background in cartoons, you have to relearn all the damn proportions, so it's a pain. I regularly kick myself for not applying/going to art school for this reason. 

2. Your favourite movie of all time.

I. This is such a hard question. You can't just pick a favourite movie of all time :( Plus, my mind always blanks out whenever someone asks me this and I'll inevitably answer Pride & Prejudice (2005) because all the girls are pretty and I'm a sucker for Regency dresses and boots. And Keira Knightly. 

3. You get to create your very own alternate universe! How is it different from this Earth as we know it?

Can it basically be ALL the fandoms, but real. Like, There's a Warehouse (ofc), but there's also Hogwarts stowed away in what looks to be Earth-Scotland, but the United States is actually part of the Federation of whatever I don't care, space is the final frontier etc etc, it's just cool. ...Because I am a nerd, of course.

4. Do you have a favourite character on Downton Abbey? Least favourite? Explain.

Obviously, Mary is my favourite. I mean, I love Sybil and everything (her friendship with Gwen! Her little feminist, suffragette heart. Oh, my heart!), but since the majority of season 2 revolves around her and Branson as opposed to her and...well, Sybil, I'm...leery. Whatever, I have total favourites from the beginning anyway, and the cold and careful Mary Crawley is definitely it. She's hard to know, you know? Don't listen to anything I say, but she nurses Matthew back to health because she loves him unselfishly. Oh, my heart. Least favourite would probably be Thomas. O'Brien, but at least she's been making noises about being apologetic for her prickly ways, Thomas remains to be as ever...Thomas. (And yes, I get it. Gay, in service, 1920s, not particularly fun. Doesn't mean I have to like it)

5. When was the last time someone surprised you? And explain. :)

...I have no memories of being surprised, but that in and of itself is of no surprise since my brain tends to go blank when put on the spot, SO.

In other me news, 
  • I have a paper I need to write--of which I complained about on twitter (yes, this is a thing now, apparently. Sigh. iPhone remains to be the best/worst decision): I just hate writing about who inspires you the most when the person who inspires me the most it me. True, but also not true, IDK. I'll be boring and write about my mom (who I love a lot, so.)
  • Game of Thrones--okay, Storm of Swords--is going to break my heart. There is a thing that happens, that I am steadily refusing to read, but I want to get to AFFC already, so. Must make breakthrough on that.
  • There is a cute guy in one of my history classes who is, as said, cute...but looks like an asshole cute. Kind of like Chuck Bass, actually. You know the like. He's got nice eyes though...
  • Korra fanart is alive and well, except for when its not. I think I work on it every couple days or so. Oops. 
  • I keep on trying to write TDL fic, but it sort of...well. Writing is basically like pulling teeth for me. It's...weird.
Whatever, have a nice weekend. Enjoy sleeping in on Saturday, I know I won't (I hate Saturday morning classes--the fact that its a required English class just makes it worse)
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