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because I'm feeling generous,

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I will give you between one and three sentences from that story.

but also: possibly more to be added later when I'm not like, on my phone. but! tell me about your days guys.

(preemptively, no more than 2 from you miss hoshi)
I know very little about some of the people on my friends list. Some people I know relatively well. But here's a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: "Ah, there's Parker ...she likes money and cereal." I'd love it if everyone who's friended me did this. (Yes, even you people who I know really well.) Then post this in your own journal. In return, ask me anything you'd like to know about me and I'll give you an answer.

I KNOW I KNOW, who just drops by for a meme right? i apologize. 

(honestly, nothing of importance has happened to me, save for my car breaking down--or okay, just flat out refusing to work? the key won't turn, it's a thing (AN EXPENSIVE THING, I AM SO UPSET ABOUT THIS)? basically, i complain about that a lot. also school. ...ah, school. i have a fox news loving professor. i am

you know

processing that. 

(mostly sure he doesn't like me, bc i kept making very Upset Eyes at him--in my defense he was regaling us with his opinion on why women shouldn't serve combat roles, but okay. whatever)

on the other hand i have a cute old guy for my greek lit, so. take in stride i guess?)

(also lmao i forgot everything i have ever learned in algebra isn't life grand?)

hola locos

greetings dudes, how your lives be? 

i figured i should post at least once and not just have it be a fanfic post cause wow franchesca rude. anyway, how goes life and stuff? i've mostly been doing school stuff (so: procrastinating in the form of fanart and the aforementioned fic) and...well mostly that. probably stressing over art club and how i really should be getting that painting done (hint: it's been drying for about a month). mostly i'm boring i guess? i mean classes aren't...exactly the hardest. i've been doodling older starks in american government for weeks and still manage to know most of the answers, SO. (i...yeah, i have no clue either tbh)

well i got a (~part time) job that's...really not part time so much as i'm a sub for citizenship classes when the regular dude flakes (which, let me tell you, is not a lot? i'm disappointed in a way). it's fun! i mean okay, the general apathy of some of the students (re: the united states) is...amusing and slightly depressing but at the very least i know i won't feel too guilty when they don't pass (pro-tip: if you don't do the work (the easy memorization work), you won't pass the citizenship exam. also stop looking down my shirt you are older than my father). in any case i enjoyed myself for a while but that's a window closed for now since their dude came back. sadsies for me :(

there's also tv stuff--wh13 finished it's midseason...ages ago (oh god the last time i updated here was july i haven't even talked about the beginning of season 4). in general, not as good as previous seasons but not really deserving the hate it gets? it was messy but it didn't suck too much--and re: hg, i get that we can't have her on like, all the time since she's a. not a main character and b. on a different show. in all honesty i didn't expect them to bring her back since they set it up for her to die perfectly, so. low expectations on that particular front. in general, bring me more leena pls. 

ouat is basically...making me giggle. well and rage at rumple but that wasn't news last season and is really really not news this season. mostly its making me want to punch the dudes and keep all the ladies in storybrooke away from them (except graham he can come back and make me love him). i am shipping ruby & belle way hardcore dudes, it's...honestly really ridiculous. anything that lets belle make awesome choices and away from gold's stupid...stupid-ness. (he's consistently chosen power over you okay and when you said you needed space he...followed you into the library) (plus, it's ruby)

basically, hi guys how are you? 

has the good gone

title: has the good gone
spoilers: complete a:tla and ouat AU, so. you're probably safe if you've watched the shows at all.
summary: fire lady regina has heard the whispers of some girl avatar, golden haired and angry. they can't be true.
notes: ...this is totally hoshinekoyasha's fault, for her birthday. b, i h8 u for this and i'm never writing fic again. (this one broke my brain. no more a:tla AU's ever pls) also it's still before 12 your time so i'm not late, HA. mind you this was in between stupid stressing about comm and that stupidly hard exam SO THERE. (ilu really)

there is war for the ten years between avatars. Collapse )



because before everything, i have to share this video. it is absolute gold


well technically, i'm not in the US, but that's what this post is about--uswnt shenanigans aside (seriously, these women are ridic--in the best of ways of course. ...also i made myself sad imagining what ali krieger would be doing in this video so that's a cautionary tale to all right there)

cut for text--and pictures!Collapse )

other things! warehouse 13 comes back in something hours which i cannot wait for and also am going to have hope the internet stays up long enough to download. wish me luck! and if hg comes back in the first ep i don't care find a way to spoil me. 

...also i'm going to miss the uswnt at the olympics due to the aforementioned roadtrip. shit. 
the dogs don't like it either. delilah gave me the look that says you're fucking crazy if you think i'm going outside, and proceeded to sit her ass down and not move for the next, oh, half an hour, 

she's like that. 

pepino is less like that, more content to bark like an idiot at every passing leaf. he's stupidly cute, but annoying as hell. i don't know why i'm talking about my dogs but here,  have a picture of them.

probably best for an lj-cut by now, yes?Collapse )

well, there's that thing about how i'm going to ecuador for almost two months. july 3rd to august 19th, dudes. i'm going to miss warehouse 13! ...i'm having such flashbacks to my last trip to ecuador, where the only time i managed to get access to the internet was a stolen 15 minutes in a park in quito that managed to have an internet cafe...there. thank god my cousins require internet access at my grandma's house, but there's also the small matter of watching the olympics? this is going to be fun.

as a bonus, in ecauador (as with EVERYWHERE ELSE BUT THE GODDAMN UNITED STATES) i'll be able to (legally) drink. so there. 

(...wow, this is going to turn out so well)

(ALSO, niu you should listen to bright lights and cityscapes by sara bareiles--it's like she wrote a song specifically for c&b, it's kind of ridiculous. also, it's just general good music. everyone should listen to sara b)

Title: got to find our way from here
Spoilers: Funnily enough, only through season 2. I mean, it's an AU (yes, another one, shut up) so you really only need to know who they are. ...And possibly some Inception knowledge.
Summary: Myka meets H.G in an airport for the first time (that can't be true, maybe they met in a bar, and maybe Charles introduced them).
Notes: This is...interesting. All I can say is, as ever, blame hoshinekoyasha. Taken from her tumblr crossover prompt, because she does these things a lot. (and also: it got longer than i expected and/or wanted it to) I do sincerely hope it makes as much sense to you (reader) as it did in my head. Also no, although her original idea was 'an artifact within an artifact within a dream,' I couldn't make much sense of that. Also yes, it's H.G/Myka. ...I think that's it. Mostly I'm glad I finished it without spending (months) forever on it. 

she meets h.g for the first time in a crowded airportCollapse )
Comment to this post, and I will list five things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

As asked by theagonyofblank,

cut, because cuts are everyone's best friend!Collapse )

In other me news, 
  • I have a paper I need to write--of which I complained about on twitter (yes, this is a thing now, apparently. Sigh. iPhone remains to be the best/worst decision): I just hate writing about who inspires you the most when the person who inspires me the most it me. True, but also not true, IDK. I'll be boring and write about my mom (who I love a lot, so.)
  • Game of Thrones--okay, Storm of Swords--is going to break my heart. There is a thing that happens, that I am steadily refusing to read, but I want to get to AFFC already, so. Must make breakthrough on that.
  • There is a cute guy in one of my history classes who is, as said, cute...but looks like an asshole cute. Kind of like Chuck Bass, actually. You know the like. He's got nice eyes though...
  • Korra fanart is alive and well, except for when its not. I think I work on it every couple days or so. Oops. 
  • I keep on trying to write TDL fic, but it sort of...well. Writing is basically like pulling teeth for me. It's...weird.
Whatever, have a nice weekend. Enjoy sleeping in on Saturday, I know I won't (I hate Saturday morning classes--the fact that its a required English class just makes it worse)


i'm sorry lj, i just don't have anything of substance (...as per usual) to say. tumblr just makes things so much easier--all that reblogging. the downside is, of course, the lack of communication, but well. what can you do.

um, i've been on a bit of a criminal minds thing, so. if you see me waxing poetic about canada's production of aj cook, that's why. (well, that and it's aj cook. oh early seasons, with your light make up and jj's huge little girl eyes that make you want to cuddle her forever and ever) 

also, bomb girls! i'll watch the season finale tomorrow (well, later i guess) but i did manage to spoil myself (to be fair, i wandered into the bomb girls tag attempting to locate a dl link, so) so i know what's up. 

yeah, i just don't have much to say--school is keeping me busier than expected--although, i found out that the uswnt trained at my school in june, at which point i went f m l, there were literally ten minutes away from my house what the fuck was i doing, but you know. c'est la vie. 

yay, back to reading my history textbook. i...continue to hate online classes. and with that, goodnight.
but there's only so much of Pete I can take. Plus, I really want to see Amelia. Is skipping in the cards for me? Speak, oh magic 8 LJ. In other news, I've taken up HIMYM and Bomb Girls. We'll see how that goes.

Because it's 2:30 am, and I'm likely to go to sleep real soon, have a meme

1. Give me a pairing
2. Give me a text from last night.
3. I'll write you a short fic/drabble based on the scenario.


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